Sunday, February 22, 2015

What's Cooking?

Russ let the cat out of the bag and posted about our Etsy store on his social media this weekend. I feel bad for not sharing it on here right away. So even though we don't have many products on there yet, here it is:

Also, we got our first Etsy order last week! Someone wanted a ring and Russell and I spent the whole day thrilled. We couldn't stop talking about the order. It's one thing setting up the store and another thing to actually get an order. We still feel like amateurs but we're getting the hang of it. I think I read up on anything that has to do with USPS priority mail. I just hope the product reaches the customer.

That's not all we have cooking up. While I'm at it, let me share another link:

Russell has been working on the site since last year, and I wrote the web copy. Our ultimate goal is to be able to work together on various projects. Now we have Etsy where we can creatively make things together and Living Moon Studios is our portfolio site where we can market together business-wise for other companies. There's still a ton we have to do on Living Moon Studios. For example, register the name. Yup, still have to do that. We decided not to worry about that until we move in the spring.

For now, we will keep making things, taking pictures of them, giving them away to friends and family, then excitedly screaming and dancing when someone (whom we don't know) orders them from Etsy while we scramble around getting new materials to remake the products again. Being married to Russell is a swirl of creativity, adventure, and excitement.

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