Sunday, February 12, 2012

Monday, February 6, 2012

College Senioritis

Because it’s my last semester of college, because I’m only taking 12 units, because I only get homework once every two weeks (besides reading Harry Potter books—but that hardly counts as homework), this is how most of my nights look like.

That right there is Bejeweled—a very pointless yet very addictive game—and Gossip Girl. My brain barely works nowadays. It’s taken so much abuse through TV and mindless entertainment.

Since I’m only taking one English class this semester compared to the five I usually do, my writing has been…bad (for a lack of a better word). I’m barely writing at work because there’s been a hold up on the articles I’m writing. I’m barely writing for my classes. I’m barely writing for this blog. I’m barely writing for fun. To summarize: I’m not doing any writing. I’m worried for myself. Later on this semester, when I actually have to write a paper, I’m going to suck. I’m going to suck because I’ve forgotten how to write well. I haven’t been reading any classics because the only English class I’m taking is Harry Potter. Harry Potter is a wonderful series but I mostly just geek out over how awesome Harry Potter is instead of admiring J.K Rowling’s amazing prose.

Anyways, Gossip Girl and Bejeweled. I just wanted to let y’all know that these are the top two reasons why my brain is on vacation for my last semester of college.