Thursday, February 26, 2015


I finally got back into doing my daily devotions at a regular time (mornings on the patio). I am trying to be intentional about my devotions and I notice it makes a big difference. When I don't start my day reading my daily devotional book + a chapter from a book of the bible, I am more irritable. I forget to be thankful. I don't like being whiny or mopey because there's so much to be thankful for.

However, I am reminded as well that there is a time for everything--a time to weep and a time to laugh. And today in my morning devotions, I was reminded that Christ comforts and restores us. And that my friends, made the whole difference in my day. I can be sad for a time and even then Christ is there to bring me back up.

I am so loved. I have the best husband ever. I know, I sound like every other happily married person but a happy, healthy marriage is a good marriage. A husband who fights for you, protects you, honors you, loves's the best feeling in the world. Again, it reminds me of how Jesus fights for our souls. Being married is my little glimpse into heaven. I am astounded that if Russell can love me this much, how much so our Father in heaven loves us.

Because I work from home now, I try to also be more intentional about meeting up with friends. [Sidenote: Sorry for bugging you all but quality time is like #1 in my love language and I cannot get enough of you guys] You ladies are the best. Seriously. You may not know it, but every time I hang out with one of you, it brightens my day. I am reminded by how beautiful (inside and out) all my friends are. I purposely keep friends close who I know challenge me and help me into a better person. I am continuously encouraged. So whether it's on a hike, in a cafe, during dinner, or in a picnic, thank you.

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