Saturday, August 23, 2014


Whew, the whirlwind that was July and the first half of August has finally gone and past. It's bittersweet watching family and friends fly back to their own homes while being left here to drive them to airports and watch them leave.

The past couple of months have been tiring but joyous. It was the good kind of tired. The kind that leaves you in a good sleep and a smile for days. I love seeing my extended family since it's not often that we're all in the same country let alone the same state. I have witnessed 3 weddings this past summer alone and it has left my heart dreamy and full. I love these people. I love the people they married. It gives me hope knowing that in this broken world where people say there's a 50% chance of divorce in America, I know there are good marriages out there who make up the other happy half of the 50%. My cup is half full, folks!

I can't believe it's almost September which means it's almost fall! My summer zoomed by. Russ and I finally get a weekend where we get to stay at home, in Carlsbad. Since mid-June, we've been gone every weekend. For a home-body like Russell, this is tiring and wearisome. For someone like me who likes to get out of the house often, it was also tiring and wearisome. Our schedule was jam-packed...this is what happens when your love language is quality time--you end up deciding that every weekend invitation to spend with friends is worth it. Now, I am learning the value of rest. It's good to see friends and to keep in touch but it's also good to spend time at home and let your body rest. These are the things my husband helps me learn.

Last weekend, husband and I were away for the weekend again but this time, it was just the two of us. Remember when Russell bought me tickets to New York for our one year anniversary? Yeah, well we finally went on that trip. It was memorable and so awesome that it deserves its own post. Keep an eye out for my next blog entry ;)

Friday, August 22, 2014

Surfing | July 26, 2014

While the Canadian cousins were here, one of the things they wanted to try out was surfing. Good thing my brother-in-law loves all activities that involve the ocean so we were able to borrow his surfboards, paddleboards, and wetsuits.

Here are some pictures of my family looking all California:

Facing the waters
From left: James, Jacob, Russell, and Abby
Jacob with a long board
California babes
Husband and little brother

Monday, August 4, 2014

Birthday | July 14, 2014

I celebrated my birthday in July. Since I had lots of family visiting from overseas, it was a happy birthday. Below is a picture of me and presents (presents!!) from my family.

On my actual birthday--which fell on a Monday, boooo--Russ took me out to a nice restaurant here in Carlsbad. It was by a beach and we ate lots of food.

Panoramic shot
Left: handsome husband
Right: The Henrys
The day after my birthday, Russ made me chocolate covered everything:
Oreos and strawberries
And the week after my birthday, we ate at a sushi restaurant. There was a sign that said you get free tempura ice cream if it was your birthday month. Naturally, I wanted the free dessert. But what we didn't know was that if you tell them it's your birthday, they dim the lights throughout the whole restaurant, put on strobe lights, play a loud happy birthday song while the Japanese chefs come out in funky happy birthday hats and giant sunglasses. They even put a birthday hat on me. Definitely worth the free dessert.
After enduring lots of embarrassment, I finally got my tempura ice cream.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sanga Wedding | July 12, 2014

Pictures from the Sanga wedding in July! Pretty bride, happy older brother, and lots of smiling between the new couple.

During this wedding, I realized that I like being a bridesmaid. I like standing back and observing the rituals/traditions, the ceremony, and the family while still being able to be part of the inner wedding circle. I get to see the in's and out's. When I was a bride, I barely noticed anything since I was too busy with everything. When I'm a guest, I get to watch the ceremony and participate in the reception. But as part of the wedding party, I get to see the bride put on her gown, I get to see her mom and sister get teary-eyed, I get to help her put on her gown, etc. It's all these precious little moments that I get to witness. It's wonderful and different.

I'll stop rambling now. Here are a few pictures:
The Church

Left: Angela with her mom and eldest sister
Right: Angela with her older sister, minutes before the ceremony

Photoshoot after the ceremony!
The toasts
I should say that my little brother--who was the best man--gave one awesome toast. None of us saw it coming. It was hilarious, it was brutal, it was genuine. Before the wedding he told me he had notecards with him, but when it was his turn to speak, he didn't use any. He just spoke and I think the entire Sanga clan teared up a little. Way to go, James!

The married couple smearing cake on each other. Then, Angela helping Kenzo clean it off. Sweet.