Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Plants and Things

We bought some plants this weekend. This one in particular is for a birthday/house warming present. We had an idea for a cool planter and this little guy looked perfect for it. Russell is building the planter and I'll share pictures once that's done.

Rich green color
I decided to dry out my Valentine's day flowers because I hate watching flowers die. Also, we usually place dried plants around the house in case we don't have any fresh ones. They're pretty for decorations :)

Just some upside-down flowers chilling in the living room
I painted a little bit this weekend because I got a new set of watercolors. Russell had given me some of his watercolors to use but he has nice brands and I don't like wasting nice things if I don't know what I'm doing. Hence, a mediocre brand from an art store. While I work in the living room "art space", I get to look out our living room window and spot Russell doing wood work.

Not a bad view
I've dubbed our patio his woodworking shop. Not gonna lie, we're pretty excited to move and find a bigger space to live.

The apartment we have is tiny but we're making the most of it. Nothing a few plants and flowers can't liven up.

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