Monday, September 28, 2015

Back to Basics

We had the housewarming and I must say, it was a success. Successful for these reasons:
  1. We did not run out of food.
  2. People showed up.
This past Saturday was such a blessing. We love having people in our home and hosting was so much fun. I gave quite a few house tours that by the end, it felt like it came from a script. When our night finally ended, I had no voice. Our last guests left a little after midnight. Both Russ and I felt tired, but happy. It reminded me almost of our wedding since it zoomed by in a whirlwind of laughter and love. When Russ and I got in bed that night, I looked at him and exclaimed, "I miss you!" This event was both ours but I felt like I hardly saw him that day. I quickly asked him to retell the day from his perspective and afterwards I shared mines. Both of our stories made me smile.

I am beyond thankful for everyone's kindness and sincerity. Hopefully I'll be able to blog and post pictures of the rooms we updated in time for the party.

Now that the event is over, we can finally rest. We are celebrating by planning a plan-free weekend. So far we decided we will do some hardcore chilling. Also, there will be an indefinite hiatus to building/crafting house things until we deem it okay to start again. Either way, no mass production of home decor will be coming anytime soon. Russ won't be building for awhile and I think I'll put away my sewing machine. So for now, I'm going back to my first hobby love: writing. I miss writing so much that I ache for it. (I can't believe I actually just wrote that sentence)

I hope to see more of this blog! Until next time--

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Sneak Peeks

Not sure if anyone really cares, but I'm obsessed with my little condo. The housewarming party is around the corner which means Russ and I are busy bees. I've been sewing throw pillows and Russell has been making wooden things. Here are a few of my favorites...

Hanging Macrame Planter
About a week ago, Russ and I cleaned out our closet (been reading this book about decluttering--amazing, love it) and got rid about 70% of our clothes. We were able to resell some of it and used the money to buy more plants. We even got a lemon tree! Anyways, made this little hanging macrame planter to hang one of our other new plants. I learned some new macrame knots and I am loving it.

Future Guest Bed
Russell made this wood block that's going to be our daybed in the guest room. Um, there's no mattress on it yet, but we'll get that soon enough. I've never been one for throw pillows but lately, it's all I can think about. We've also realized that by trying to keep this room as gender-neutral as possible, it almost looks like a nursery. It's not! (Yet). It's a guest room/office/art room. 

Medicine Cabinet
Not really sure if I took before shots of our medicine cabinet in the guest bathroom--it's your typical cabinet. Russell was able to take it out and built this custom medicine cabinet that fit perfectly. I went in and decorated it with bath things and...plants. It's so beautiful.

Wooden Frame
Russell also made this wood frame that goes around our bathroom mirror. Makes the bathroom look warmer. Is it weird to say that the guest bathroom is one of my favorite rooms? 

Before and after pictures should be coming soon! There are so many things that have changed! Ahh! And so much more to do!

Sunday, September 6, 2015


I never thought of myself as a creative person. I've always enjoyed reading and writing, but I never went out of my way to take art classes or to draw. Growing up my parents would look at something I made (knitted scarf, birthday banner, etc.) and mention that it was creative. With Asian parents who always encouraged math and science, I figured maybe they didn't really understand creativity. Because I, most definitely, was not.

Then I met Russell. Russ who went to an art college and knew how to create pretty things on the computer and painted and sketched. He was everything I labeled as artistic. After being with him for five (omg, 5!) years now, I've realized how much he's pulled my creative side out of me. He encouraged the side of me my parents saw, and coerced it out. Because now, as a work-from-home writer and marketing associate, I think I've fallen over to the creative side. I spend my days at home--while Russ brings home the good bacon--writing and/or creating fun images for work. And when I'm not working, I write and/or make fun stuff.

This is not to say I am good at any "creative" things in any way. I am willing to try almost any creative hobby and am okay at failing at all of them. But it's so much fun to try. And Russell is always cheering me on. I find it so endearing. It's probably why I still keep sewing even if the creases aren't straight and the stitches aren't even. I tell him I'm going to try calligraphy and he gets excited for me. I want to try needlepoint and he's enthusiastic. And you guys, some of my stuff is not that great but he still puts them around the house. He hung up my "Oh Hello" embroidery sign up outside our door. I weaved this thing from my loom (that he built me!) and it was so unshapely and I hated it but he has it out in the living room. He asked me to crochet a few mats for our plants like he trusts me to be able to do it. And I do it because of his blind faith and encouragement.

Oh, this post was going to be about what I've been doing lately. Sorry, got side-tracked :) A final note before I post pics of my latest projects: find someone who draws out the best side of you, even if you thought it was non-existent.

So anyways, look what I've been up to:

Double-sided because I liked both fabric so much and didn't want to choose.
My parents were coming over one night this week. Our old table runner was in the wash and I really wanted a nice accent on our dining table before my parents visited. So...I made one. Out of old curtains bought from a thrift store and fabric scored from the Fabric District in LA.


Okay, so this might not be as creative as it was random. That's homemade ketchup, homemade ranch, and homemade chicken nuggets. Can you tell I work from home? Ha. The homemade sauces is mostly because we're trying to do our part on having less plastic waste--so when I have the time (keyword: time; this doesn't happen as often as I'd like), I try to make food/sauces that are easy to make from ingredients I already have. That way, no buying extra plastic packaging. The nuggets were just because I had extra coconut flour. Note: coconut flour is very dry. Have lots of water.


This was harder than I thought. But I just love pretty writing. Some girls from my church invited me to a calligraphy workshop happening at one of their houses, and I'm so glad I went. I now have ink and a calligraphy pen and have been working on my up and down strokes. I'm nowhere near as good as I would like to be but this is one hobby I am willing to keep working at.

Russell and I got another order on Etsy this past week so Russ has been out on the patio making it. He also made a compost bin for all our raw food waste so we're making our own fertilizer. He also planted some new plants and made a green house. Oh you guys, it's such a weird home; but a happy one.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Taylor Swift Concert (8/22)

When your friend texts you in the middle of the day and says she has the biggest news ever, you should probably text her back right away. Your friend tells you to respond ASAP which means it's not about her work, not about the bun in the oven, but about Taylor Swift concert tickets. Because, duh.

I met a Taylor Swift poster! (8/22)
Luckily for us, she had a friend who had extra 2 tickets to an LA concert. I screamed at Russell when I got the text then hurriedly told him he couldn't come so he wouldn't get excited. I articulated as best as I could--while screaming--that my friend and I were going to go see Taytay in concert.

We got there ridiculously early and it was hours before the doors even opened. Our adrenaline was pumping. Eventually, when the doors opened at 6 (concert started at 7:30), we went in. I didn't even realize how amazing our seats were. Totally worth splurging.
I would actually be able to SEE her on the stage! (*faints*)
When Taylor popped up on stage singing "Welcome to New York" I never knew I could be that excited. There was definitely a lot of screaming and maybe a little bit of crying. She was right there! Looking like a perfect barbie doll. I lost my voice by the end of the concert 'cause I couldn't keep it together. I wanted to sing! Dance! And yell! That's what happens when you go to a Taylor Swift concert--you lose it.

And those light up bracelets were everything. I love how you feel one with the crowd. It really was amazing.

I didn't take many videos, though I wish I did so I can relive the concert again in my room, while the lights are off, shaking my little light up bracelet (which still works!).

Since I'm having trouble trying to upload videos onto this blog, here's my Instagram account where I have part of Shake it Off!

I was going to blog some more but I need to go listen to the 1989 CD now. Bye.