Saturday, August 31, 2013

Puppy Love

Exciting news! Russell and I became parents this weekend...


After a couple weeks of visiting shelters and rescues, we finally found a dog that had a fitting personality and was small enough to live in our apartment. We saw many dogs, wanted to adopted lots of puppies, and played with a number of them. There was even one dog we put an application in for but she ended up not being well enough to take home. So, our journey continued.

Then, we went to an adoption event where finally met our future pet. There were tons of newborn puppies that were fun to play with but we wanted one that was a little bit older and calmer. Russell saw Lewis and that was it.

He is about six months old and a mix of breeds. Even the volunteers weren't sure what mix he was since he is a rescue. He's small right now but will probably grow into a medium-sized dog. Best of all? He loves being around people. When we took him home, we had a couple visitors over and Lewis wasn't scared at all. He's a curious pup and will walk close to your heels.

Oh, he also likes to put his head on your lap.

And getting belly rubs.
Lewis getting lots of love.

...And napping.
He passed out in the middle of our living room. 
Tired puppy.
He has been so much fun. His personality is calm and loving. I can't get enough of this dog. When he's sleeping, I catch him stretching and it is adorable that I can't handle it. Ahh, so much puppy love.

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