Monday, April 1, 2013

Bridal Shower

I had the best bridal shower with the best people this past weekend. It was thrown by my two wonderful maids-of-honor and it was so much fun. The wedding is less than a month away (!!!), and everyday I am amazed by all the great people I am surrounded by.

The women invited to my bridal shower have all influenced and shaped me in some way. It's touching and yes, somewhat emotional to see all these great people in a room together. It fills my heart with so much gladness and I'm overcome by it. It's truly amazing.

Jessica and Bernadette even had a station where the girls had to write a memory they have had with me. Then, I had to read them aloud and guess whose they were. Many of them were funny, a couple were slightly embarrassing, and all were touching. It reminded me of all the adventures and laughs I've had the privilege to share with them. Gah, this wasn't meant to be sappy but I guess it is. But no matter, my heart is overflowing and I wanted to share.

I also had a box of advice that the guests wrote for me. One lady also gave an encouraging speech of her personal advice. People were hugging and stopping me throughout the party to offer advice or help with the wedding. Did I mention how awesome these people were? It's one thing to know cool people but another thing to be surrounded by so much love.

P.S. Here's a video my older brother made of some pictures from the bridal shower: Katrina's Bridal Shower

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