Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Joyful Heart

So many good things have happened! A few of which are:

  • Russell and I finding an apartment for us to live in once we're married. Russell will start "nesting" mid-April.
  • Russell also found a great suit that fits him nicely. The worker at the store was very nice and even gave us the tailor charge for free! While Russell was changing, I found out that the man helping us was from Jordan. I got excited and told him that the best man in our wedding/Russell's best friend moved to Amman, Jordan. He then responded that Amman was his home city. I also found out his wife is Filipino and that he gets to visit my home country this July. Once Russell came back out, we talked a bit more about Arabic food and tea before he told us that he'll tailor the suit for free. 
  • My maids-of-honor are so cool and I'm excited for my "tea party" bridal shower.
  • Our pastor who is doing our premarital counseling told us that if we really want him to marry us in Oroville, he'll travel up there for our wedding. How awesome is this? Totally awesome.
  • Speaking of people traveling to our wedding, we have a lot of people traveling to Oroville in April. Relatives from Philippines, Toronto, Chicago, and Texas are making the effort to come. My cousins from Texas have a test the following Monday but they're flying in Friday and leaving Sunday just to see me marry Russell. Also, Russell's best friend is flying from Jordan! YOU GUYS ARE SO CRAZY AND AMAZING. And of course, we mustn't forget all the Southern Californians road tripping it up to norcal. Russell joked that it has become a destination wedding, haha.
  • Last but not least, so many things have fallen apart but better things have been put together. I've reached a point now where if I get bad news, I shrug and don't worry much about it. Because in the end, I still get to marry the love of my life. Not only that, but I will also get to see so many people I love all in the same place on one of the best days of my life. It seems so surreal that it needs to just happen already.

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  1. Your bridesmaids are sooo cool:) excited to hear all this! Gods beenn so faithful to u both already :) can't wait to c what his faithfulness will bring u through when your married! !:)