Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Russell and I had dinner with an awesome family tonight. Kuya King and Ate Faye are such an encouraging and godly couple that I can't help but admire them. And their daughter River is just the cutest thing. The three of them will be moving abroad next year so Russ and I were lucky enough to be able to sit down and talk about life and church with them.

We talked about church. We talked about missions. We watched River eat her mac and cheese. We talked about how exciting marriage will be. Time went by fast. Like Ate Faye, I am already starting to grieve for their departure next year. Russell and I will be in Philippines and Singapore next year so hopefully we will be able to see them in Singapore or Malaysia.

I have been blessed with such a great community around me. From the parents who pick up their kids from the Sunday School I teach, from the people who attend Friday night service, and from the people who I get to share life with on Tuesday nightsI am so happy and thankful to be surrounded by people who invest and share their life with the community around them.

I can only hope one day that Russell and my relationship can also be a blessing to others also. Everyday I am learning what it means to be part of the body of Christ.

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