Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas, Present Shopping, and Ironman

Christmas at my house.

Christmas time is upon us! After Thanksgiving and the chaos of black Friday, we finally have the holiday spirit around us. We've put up our (fake) Christmas tree and stockings as evident in the picture above. My brothers also put up a giant inflatable Snoopy in our front yard along with some Christmas lights going up one of our palm trees. Ah, Christmas in Southern California.

I am so excited for this season. My aunt will be coming from Canada to visit us, I will get to go to Reno and finally meet Russell's dad's side of the family, and I get to see a bunch of relatives over at my house on Christmas day. There are so many festivities this month that I am getting excited and exhausted just thinking about them.

Since it is Christmas time, present shopping is an activity that has consumed much of my time. And here's what happens when I take Russell with me:

Russell becomes Ironman!

Ironman Christmas shopping.

One moment I'm browsing and the next moment Russell has disappeared. I turn around and he is in an Ironman mask. It was hard not to find it amusing.

As things begin to speed up, I will try to keep blogging since I have about three loyal readers (Hi Russell! And Jonathan! And Stephanie?). Three readers is a big deal since that is 300% more from the zero number of readers I get when I write in my diary. Happy holidays everyone!