Friday, November 2, 2012


I've written a post already about how good wedding planning has been. Since that post, even more amazing things have happened!
  1. Russell and I got our Save-the-Dates! We got them printed by the company downstairs from Russell's work. I guess Russell has known some of the people there for awhile so we decided to get our postcards printed there. When Russell went to pick up the Save-the-Dates on Wednesday, the lady told him to consider it as a wedding present and we got them for free! AHHH! Everyone is being so nice and we are so overwhelmed by everyone's generosity.

    Here's a picture of me and Russ on the day we took the pictures. The Save-the-Dates look similar...but not. Better than this picture, haha. Anyways, they look amazing and I can't wait for people to start getting them in the mail.

    Save the Date!
  2. Russell and I bought our first new car together! It's a Prius C!

    It's so pretty.

    We've been looking to buy a car that has better milage than his Jeep and what better car to get than a Toyota Prius? I should mention that since the Toyota Prius came out years ago, my dream car has always been a Prius. I've told my parents and Russell that when I have a proper job, I would love to buy a Prius. Well, I was able to sell Russell on my dream car so now we both get to enjoy driving around my our dream car! 

Everything has been so exciting. I get to start my new job on Monday, and I'm actually looking forward to challenging myself in this new job, learning new skills and whatnot. Russell is playing hockey again since his shoulder is better. It has just been one blessing after another and we praise God for all of it.

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