Thursday, October 11, 2012

First Visit to the ER

On Monday nights, Russell plays hockey. This season, he opted to be the goalie since he claims that it's a fun position. Well, this previous Monday wasn't such a fun night.

This happened:
Russell who is all smiles in the emergency room.

Ok ok, it's not as dramatic as I make it seem. And thankfully there were no broken bones--just a dislocated shoulder. However, it was not fun being in the bleachers and seeing Russell on the ground and him not getting up. And it also wasn't fun seeing him walk out of the rink, holding his arm and grimacing. Because of all the goalie gear he had on, we couldn't get to his shoulder and do anything about the dislocation. We knew that the best bet was to go to the hospital. (Okay, I tried calling my brother Kenzo because I wanted him to pop the shoulder back in for free but he later told me that that was something he wouldn't want to try, even as a nurse just in case something went wrong.)

I couldn't find Russell's keys so my parents ended up picking us up and driving us to the emergency room. There was no wait so Russ was able to get checked up by a doctor fairly quickly. His brother, Curtis, called and came to the emergency room after the game (he plays on the same hockey team as Russell). When he got there, he asked me something along the lines of "Did you ever think you'd be in the emergency room waiting for your fiancĂ©?"And it's kind of a funny story and kind of not because Russell is the kind of person who is very prone to injury. He's hurt his shoulder before playing hockey, he's broken his colar bone playing hockey, and he's had several concussions. As Curtis described it, "Russell is a rubber ball. He bounces back from injuries." You would think that a trip to the emergency room for only a dislocated shoulder wouldn't shock me so much but it was still enough to worry me. 

Anyways, when one of the nurses called me in to see Russell, one of the first thing Russell asks me is "How soon can I start playing hockey again?" It also didn't help that the two nurses there were hockey fans and kept talking to Russell about hockey.

Here's a picture of a hockey game of when Russell didn't get injured:
Russell (in black) as goalie.

Russell is full of surprises...just some of them not as fun as others.

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