Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Exit Strategy

Monday was my last day at the law firm. I was planning on giving a two-week notice but it turned into a one-week notice then it turned into basically a two-minute notice. Neither of my supervisors were at work so I ended up having to email and message them my resignation anyways. It was all very anti-climatic.

I went into work knowing I would have to say goodbye to three of the funniest coworkers I've had in a long time. I hate goodbyes and am awkward going about with them. When I came in, I ended up randomly saying "I'm quitting!" to each of my coworkers at separate conversations. There would be a pause, then a "Wait, what?" And then I would have to say it again and then the sadness would start.

For the almost five months I've worked there, we were prohibited from using the elevator because of a) the electricity it costs and b) it wasn't up to code and the owner was scared that if we were to get injured while using the elevator that we would sue him. When I arrived at work, I was about to use the elevator because I figured it was my last day and I should break a couple of rules. The moment I pressed the button, the law firm owner zoomed into the parking garage in his Viper and I freaked out and ran up the stairs. Hopefully he didn't see me.

When I got into the office and realized neither of my bosses were there, I said goodbye to the girls. They walked me to the lobby and said I should go ahead and take the elevator down to the parking garage. It would be the last huffah we had as coworkers. I gave them hugs and hoped that we would keep in touch. While the elevator doors closed and I continued to wave bye to the three of them, I realized it was the perfect exit and the proper goodbye.

Now, I'm on to a new chapter in life. It's hard for me to make friends and even harder to find a group of people I can laugh comfortably with. These girls provided the right humor for tough days at works and we all had the best teamwork when it came to finding shortcuts and/or planning potluck days to help build team morale. Great people are hard to say goodbye to.

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