Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Falling Stillness

(Photo Credit: Sugar VIVA)

I am in a state of falling stillness. Everything is so beautiful and peaceful. I can take forever to examine every detail, every intricacy of every person I will ever meet. I can lose an eternity learning the habits and quirks of everyone I know. I can forget the meaning of time and sit here, warm in the embrace of the sun and knowing that it is love that keeps me warm. Every heart beatdum dum dadumis a pleasant melody and I close my eyes and dance to it. Time is slowing down; everything is so still.
And like a ladybug who travels on a daffodil fluff (able to take flight yet choosing to fly on a daffodil fluff), this quiet, slow-motion drop is gone.
While I took a day to examine a second, lightyears have zoomed past. I thought I was a child but college is gone. But I am still a child!No, those years have passed. I am sitting in an office (When and how did I get here?). I am saying goodbye to friends moving on, I am watching my parents grow old, I am scrambling, scrambling, scrambling to make this time worth what it is. When did my little brother grow five inches taller than I? When did I learn to read and write? When did I fall in love? The time lapses. The wind blows. 
I am falling in stillness. 

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