Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Downtown Disney

Spent the day yesterday hanging out with this:

Russell's cousin, Joyce, was in town with her son, Wyatt. Wyattwho is 10 I believegot along so well with Russell that it made me question Russell's age again. But that's Russell, always ready to switch to playful mode and always surprising me with his energetic character.

The picture above is Russell designing a Lego race car at the Lego store. Wyatt is the boy in red. Now, keep in mind that Wyatt is 10 yet Russell was very adamant about beating him and winning the car race. I ended up building a car too in hopes of winning but no such luck with the time and effort these two spent on their own cars. I believe Wyatt ended up winningbut don't remind Russell of that.

Afterwards, we ended up at the arcade in ESPN zone where Russell turned into a complete kid and started to get very competitive at the many games he played. How many, you ask?

A lot. And there were more but I didn't get a picture of all the games they played. They sure loved their racing games. I was almost scared of Russell driving me home in case he thought he was still driving an arcade game...

It was great meeting two of Russell's relatives and seeing how Russell loves to interact with his family. And it's always very amusing witnessing Russell lose to a 10-year old.

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