Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Took down the Christmas decorations last week and finally got around to transforming the living room into a new seasonal look. I was going for more of a winter look, but this is as close as I got.

A couple changes for this new look:

  • Sewed new pillow cases. Stuck with a white, gray, and blue theme. Money spent: $0
  • Hung new wall art above the mantel. Russ and I found the stick during one of our walks. Then I bought a ton of oranges that were on sale for 19 cents/pound. Dried the oranges and strung them together because oranges are a winter fruit, right? Money spent: $1.05 for the oranges

    Tutorial on how to make the Bohemian Orange Garland can be found here.
It's the little changes that make me happy. Happy winter, everyone!

P.S. I swear I don't pose my dogs for these shots.

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