Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Something Beautiful

After spending the last few months making our condo a home, Russell and I have been doing some hardcore chilling. It's very nice. This past weekend, we made ourselves as useless as possible and we had so much fun doing nothing. Poor Lewis.

We also booked tickets to Florida in November. This means that I will be visiting Harry Potter land and I am SO EXCITED. Russell is going through all the Harry Potter books and should be done by the time we go to Florida, which means we will get to experience the excitement of Harry Potter together! This is romance, folks.

Other beautiful things have been happening. I think the more that we're married, and the more seasons we experience--metaphorically and literally--the more I see our marriage strengthen. In addition to that, we have good people in our lives who speak wisdom and truth to us in times of need. And for that, I am so thankful.

Here are some pictures I have on my iPhone camera roll. I like to scroll through my pictures once in awhile to be reminded of all the wonderful, small things I get to experience.

For example:
Is this how falling leaves smells like?
Since it's been hot, we had to recreate our own version of "Autumn" in the Henry home. This involved lots of Fall-colored flowers and Fall-scented candles.

Baking nights:
Tell me this is beautiful
I need to work on my frosting applying skills, but this cake here was so yummy. It's Earl Grey cake with Lavender Chocolate frosting. Russell and I love plants, but it doesn't end there. We also love food that tastes like plants.


On Monday, I looked through my work email and realized I didn't have much work to do that day so I decided to spend the day at my parents' house. I hung out with my dad a bit in his garden, chatted with my mom, then took the puppy to the park across the street. It was a beautiful day. It made my heart full and made me thankful for the wonderful childhood I spent in that home and the many days I spent in this park.

While at my parent's house...

I caught Tiki the turtle pulling out some pretty impressive stunts that explained to me how he has managed to escape twice (Once, we found him under the banana tree. The second time, he made it as far as the guava tree). He got down from climbing the fence after I waved some lettuce at him.

Little things:

I got a new planner and have started to write things in it already!

And, of course, books:

Russ and I made a trip to the library and rented some books. Nothing says beauty like curling up on the couch with a pile of books and having lots of time.

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