Monday, September 28, 2015

Back to Basics

We had the housewarming and I must say, it was a success. Successful for these reasons:
  1. We did not run out of food.
  2. People showed up.
This past Saturday was such a blessing. We love having people in our home and hosting was so much fun. I gave quite a few house tours that by the end, it felt like it came from a script. When our night finally ended, I had no voice. Our last guests left a little after midnight. Both Russ and I felt tired, but happy. It reminded me almost of our wedding since it zoomed by in a whirlwind of laughter and love. When Russ and I got in bed that night, I looked at him and exclaimed, "I miss you!" This event was both ours but I felt like I hardly saw him that day. I quickly asked him to retell the day from his perspective and afterwards I shared mines. Both of our stories made me smile.

I am beyond thankful for everyone's kindness and sincerity. Hopefully I'll be able to blog and post pictures of the rooms we updated in time for the party.

Now that the event is over, we can finally rest. We are celebrating by planning a plan-free weekend. So far we decided we will do some hardcore chilling. Also, there will be an indefinite hiatus to building/crafting house things until we deem it okay to start again. Either way, no mass production of home decor will be coming anytime soon. Russ won't be building for awhile and I think I'll put away my sewing machine. So for now, I'm going back to my first hobby love: writing. I miss writing so much that I ache for it. (I can't believe I actually just wrote that sentence)

I hope to see more of this blog! Until next time--

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