Friday, September 4, 2015

Taylor Swift Concert (8/22)

When your friend texts you in the middle of the day and says she has the biggest news ever, you should probably text her back right away. Your friend tells you to respond ASAP which means it's not about her work, not about the bun in the oven, but about Taylor Swift concert tickets. Because, duh.

I met a Taylor Swift poster! (8/22)
Luckily for us, she had a friend who had extra 2 tickets to an LA concert. I screamed at Russell when I got the text then hurriedly told him he couldn't come so he wouldn't get excited. I articulated as best as I could--while screaming--that my friend and I were going to go see Taytay in concert.

We got there ridiculously early and it was hours before the doors even opened. Our adrenaline was pumping. Eventually, when the doors opened at 6 (concert started at 7:30), we went in. I didn't even realize how amazing our seats were. Totally worth splurging.
I would actually be able to SEE her on the stage! (*faints*)
When Taylor popped up on stage singing "Welcome to New York" I never knew I could be that excited. There was definitely a lot of screaming and maybe a little bit of crying. She was right there! Looking like a perfect barbie doll. I lost my voice by the end of the concert 'cause I couldn't keep it together. I wanted to sing! Dance! And yell! That's what happens when you go to a Taylor Swift concert--you lose it.

And those light up bracelets were everything. I love how you feel one with the crowd. It really was amazing.

I didn't take many videos, though I wish I did so I can relive the concert again in my room, while the lights are off, shaking my little light up bracelet (which still works!).

Since I'm having trouble trying to upload videos onto this blog, here's my Instagram account where I have part of Shake it Off!

I was going to blog some more but I need to go listen to the 1989 CD now. Bye.

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