Monday, August 3, 2015

Work Hard, Play Hard

Russell and I finally decided to tackle our kitchen as our next "renovation" project. All we're really doing is repainting the cabinets and adding knobs because I've always wanted a white kitchen. Also, I couldn't stand the current state of the cabinets.

By the end of June, I thought we were done painting, but here I am again with paint on my hands, hair, and feet. Make it stop!

Cabinet doors
In between the kitchen project, I've tackled a few other creative hobbies:

Sewing! I've only done basic things such as skirts, drawstring pouches, and pillow cases, but I'm addicted. I love pretty fabric.

The back of that leaf pillow has elephants:
Too cute to pass up
Paper stuff. Hung out with some girl friends for a Crafting Day and this is what I learned on one of those days - how to make paper flowers. They look so real too.

Oh, and needlepoint & embroidery. I'm sloppy at it and trying to learn different stitches. Nonetheless, still proud of my first project. I think I'll hang it over our doorbell.

While I'm doing projects that are fit for grandmas, here's what Russell has made:

One of our friends wanted a headboard and footboard for a bed using wood pieces, and Russell came up with this. Russell taught me how to use his sander so I helped with a few pieces (woohoo!). Overall, I love it. It makes me want one for our own room...

Okay, the cabinets are probably dry now. Time to go put 234235 more white coats of paint.

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