Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Henrys are Back in Orange County

Hello! Russ and I are currently living in my parents' house. You read that right. I am moving backwards in my life and am currently typing this from my childhood bedroom. Who knew things would come in full circle and that I would end up back in this room, only this time with a husband and a dog.

In all seriousness, my parents have been so nice in letting us stay with them while we wait for our condo to close. Hopefully, we will get to move into our new place at the end of this month. I'll joke with friends and mentors how I'm going against the natural current of life by moving back into the house I grew up in. But most people just smile and remind me that it's a strategic move. Russ and I decided it'd be smarter to live with my parents for a month rather than find a place that'll allow a one month lease. All in all, it's been great living here. Lewis is always tired so there's no need to take him on long walks. I've been able to catch up with friends. I help my mom out with a little bit of cooking. And the laundry here doesn't need quarters!

I'm a bit antsy to get the condo already. Russ and I look at way too many home decor/woodworking Instagram accounts. All I want is to decorate a home. All Russ wants is to make stuff and have space for it.

Speaking of which, Russ has lots of space in my parents' backyard to do woodworking. Which comes in handy since we're doing our first Crafter's Fair at the end of this month! It'll be a fairly small show which is good for us since I'm not entirely sure if we even know what we're dong. Stay tuned to when I post pictures of what we're making.

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