Thursday, April 30, 2015

Two Years

Hello there! You are now reading the blog of a woman who has been married for TWO years. Woo!

This past week, Russ and I took a trip to Seattle and Portland for our anniversary. It was basically a foodie trip since most of the activities on our itinerary involved eating. No complaints here. We had lots of oysters and fresh fish. Mmm.

Seattle affirmed that I am not made for cold weather. Seattle weathermen claimed they were having one of the "warmest" days yet this year--the same day I went out and bought a scarf. However, we were lucky enough to not get rain since we were doing a lot of walking.

Here's some pictures from our anniversary:
Space Needle

Anniversary Dinner
We did lots of the touristy things: Pike Place Market, library (my favorite), Space Needle, Gum Wall, etc.

Gum Wall was actually pretty gross. It's interesting to look at in pictures but not fun to walk by. 

The first thing Russell said when he looked out the plane window as we landed in Seattle was, "Trees!". Everything was green. I forget what it's like to live in a state where there isn't a drought. There were lots of pretty flowers and lots of bouquets sold at low prices. 

We also visited the EMP museum for a couple hours. Lots of fun and opportunities to be silly:

We took a day in our trip to do a day trip to Portland. We hopped on a train and 3.5 hours later, we were in another city and state. (Again, California fails me. Russ and I jump in a car, drive 8 hours, and are still in the same state. I must've complain though. SoCal offer me the best climate and location combination my body can deal with.)

In Portland, we ate more food. And bought an iPad. And books. And did lots of shopping. That's what happens when we visit a place that has no sales tax: we eat and shop.
Yummy cheese board before our dinner in Portland
Since we did a lot of packing and moving recently, taking a break and going on this trip was good for us. I enjoyed lots of quality time while eating and exploring.

I can't believe it's been two years. Before our anniversary, I kept saying "our first anniversary" because it hasn't felt like two years. I love being married. Russell, here's to two years and many more to come! Can't wait to see what this next year brings.

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