Thursday, May 28, 2015


I want to write about our home buying process but at the same time I don't because blah.

To sum it up in one word: tiring.

It is so very tiring. Let's just say it starts off as exciting then a little bit scary, maybe even daunting, but then it's exciting again, and then (briefly) boring and it goes on and on until all you're left with is this weariness settling into your bones and you don't even have your new home yet.

I'm complaining. It's all worth it in the end - I know that. I just want that condo! We have so many ideas on what we want to do, how we'll start decorating, etc. but we can't do any of that. To sum this part up: I am impatient.

I am also embarrassed to admit that I have never lost my patience this many times in such a short amount of time. There are so many papers to sign I want to cry. To add on to that, it is our first time trying to buy a home and (and!) it's a short sale. Whomp whomp. But I will keep chanting my mantra that it is all worth it in the end.

God is providing for everything we need at the exact moment we need it. It's like the manna falling from the sky. We're on the fringe of worrying that we don't have enough of something and then bam! God meets our needs. It feels like everyday I am reminded of my lack of faith. But yet, I worship a God who is full of grace and that is enough to bring all the joy back.

I'm so glad that I am going through this home buying process with Russell. Sometimes, we'll joke about being homeless or broke, but then we'll smile and say that even if all those things were true, we are still married and happy and at least we have that. I know, sappy. Love blah blah blah. But it's true guys, love sustains.

Anyways, I am off topic now so I'll end this here. I need to go back to internet hunting and coveting pretty house things I can't buy (yet) (hopefully).

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