Monday, August 4, 2014

Birthday | July 14, 2014

I celebrated my birthday in July. Since I had lots of family visiting from overseas, it was a happy birthday. Below is a picture of me and presents (presents!!) from my family.

On my actual birthday--which fell on a Monday, boooo--Russ took me out to a nice restaurant here in Carlsbad. It was by a beach and we ate lots of food.

Panoramic shot
Left: handsome husband
Right: The Henrys
The day after my birthday, Russ made me chocolate covered everything:
Oreos and strawberries
And the week after my birthday, we ate at a sushi restaurant. There was a sign that said you get free tempura ice cream if it was your birthday month. Naturally, I wanted the free dessert. But what we didn't know was that if you tell them it's your birthday, they dim the lights throughout the whole restaurant, put on strobe lights, play a loud happy birthday song while the Japanese chefs come out in funky happy birthday hats and giant sunglasses. They even put a birthday hat on me. Definitely worth the free dessert.
After enduring lots of embarrassment, I finally got my tempura ice cream.

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