Friday, May 30, 2014

Some Scattered Thoughts

Hello there.

Life has been great lately. The days just zoom by, I can't believe it's almost June! In June, we are going to Georgia to watch two very very cool people get married. Woohoo!

I've just been reading a lot. About a book a day. It's getting pretty badthis addiction. Russell comes home and I'm sprawled on the couch, reading. At lunch time, I read books through the Kindle app on my phone. When I get home, I almost entirely ignore our dog, drop my purse on the kitchen counter then grab my Kindle. Russ and I also finally got our Carlsbad library cards. I rented some books I'm pretty excited about. I have to remind myself to look at Russell in the eyes and smile when he gets home.

Work is plentiful right now. I've been doing contracting work since we moved down to Carlsbad and it's going great. Russell's busy crazy season finally stopped so we've been able to go out and watch movies on week nights. Oh, and Russ takes the train to work now.

I went on my first outdoor run this week. I typically stick to the treadmill because I feel like it gives me purpose while I run in a moving stationary workout machinery. With some convincing and prodding, I got the courage to run outside on the sidewalk. I took Lewis and we jogged through neighborhoods while looking for hidden running paths. We found a few. Let me tell you, running outside is definitely worth it when you look down at your dog and see he's running alongside you with his tongue lolling out. I wouldn't have ran as much if Lewis didn't look like he was having the time of his life.

Until next time,

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