Thursday, May 22, 2014

Reno Trip

Russ and I spent a couple days in Reno this past weekend. His cousin was getting married and we were there to celebrate! Unfortunately, I barely took any photos that weekend. What I do have on my phone are the pictures below. The wedding venue was beautiful (take my word for it since there are no pics). Below is a glimpse of the venue. It was on a family member's ranch, complete with a little stream, lots of green grass, a treehouse, and a rope swing. I thought these types of places only existed in movies.

Here you have Russell and his brother Joe pushing Wyatt and Ky on the swing. Adorbs. Love this family.

We were also able to see some friends in Reno and go around a couple of places including some shops and a sporting goods store (obviously the guys' idea). Overall a fun yet quick trip.

Oh, and I caught a large shark.
So heavy

P.S. I hope everyone realized that the shark is fake. There is no way I would be on a boat...on the less in waters where there would be sharks. Photo was taken inside a sporting goods store.

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