Sunday, December 16, 2012

It Still Makes Me Laugh When I Think About It

About a month ago, Russell and I were watching Skyfall at the movie theater. When the movie ended, I noticed someone to my left who I thought looked like Colleen. Russell was already squinting towards my left and when I turned to get a better glimpse to see if it was really Colleen, I saw an Asian girl with her hood on. She jumped a little out of her seat and made a surprised squeak. It was Colleen. We ended up watching the same movie, at the same theater location, and sitting on the same movie aisle without knowing it until the film was over.

Today, for white elephant, Megan picked a present that looked a bit shady wrapped in a box. The present was from Colleen. As she opened it, she pulled out a bird feeder and then a giant bag of bird seed. I looked at Russell with a bit of fear and humor in my eyes. The only thing I can think of was, Oh gosh. I really hope Colleen opens the white elephant present I bought but at the same time that would be kind of creepy. When it was Colleen's turn, she was reaching for Angela's present but decided to open the present I brought instead. As she was trying to take it out of the bag, I was already clutching onto Russell in anticipation.

There were two wrapped presents in the bag I brought. She opened the smaller one first and I could already hear my friends joking, saying "Watch, it'll be birdseed." Colleen unwrapped the presentIt was birdseed. She quickly looked at me then looked at the second larger present that came with it. She reached over and tore the second, bigger, present openit was a bird feeder. At this point I couldn't breath from laughing so hard. All I can do was look at Colleen's facea look of genuine shockand laugh really hard. We were both weirded out.

I had to write about this because even now I am still thinking about her face when she unwrapped the present, and she realized it was yet another odd coincidence we shared. Oh my gosh Colleen, I think your face was priceless and I still can't stop laughing. hahahaha

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