Tuesday, December 4, 2012

More Engagement Photos

I wanted to title this post "Back by Popular Demand!" but that would have been a lie. The photos are going up because Bernadette (reader #5!) asked; and because she is a maid of honor; and because I figured if I have to share them somewhere, it would be on my blog.

Here are some of the engagement photos of me and Russell.

I need to be honestafter we received our photos, Russell and I realized that we don't take serious photos very well. As in, all the photos where we look longingly into each others eyes, kiss, stare off into the distance, etc. were a bit...awkward. We should have practiced in the mirror or something. This just shows how amazing our photographer was since she was able to capture pictures of me and Russ looking at least slightly normal and happy. It was an odd experience being told to constantly kiss ("But not so short and fast!" she told Russell when he gave me a quick peck after she first instructed us to kiss. I think the suddenness of it weirded us out; hence, all the awkwardness) in front of the camera. And I love Russell and all but when I stare at his face too long I start laughing.

On a very important tangent, I want it to be noted that I hiked in heels through a winding trail to get to our first photo shoot location. So if you noticed the creases in my dress, I hope you noticed the heels as well.

I hope you enjoyed the photos! I want to leave you with another one of my favorite photo from that day.

Russell and I trying to appear cool and normal.

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