Tuesday, February 16, 2016

I should update you...

I made yet another blog. I have a general idea of which friend reads on which blog so I want to update all of you on what blog is what.

TUMBLR: I made this in early college (?) if not late high school, I think. I still have a few friends who read on there. Even until now, I love Tumblr humor and posts. So I often go there to get rapid-fire updates on what's cool in the Tumblr world.

BLOGGER: I made this at the end of college for friends who asked about my blog during the end-part-college of my life and I was too embarrassed to direct them to my Tumblr page. Basically, blogger and tumblr have the same posts. I'll write my posts on blogger, publish it, then copy and paste the text/pictures and post the same thing on Tumblr.

Now, a bit of background:
Russ was kind enough to make me an official website at the start of this year. At the end of December in 2015, I blogged about my new condo a lot and I got too many views on my katrinaandwords blog that it made me really anxious. Normally, by looking at the stats, I know how much my average views and reads are. And it pretty much correlates to how many people I know read my blog. But when I opened up my blog one day and saw a dramatic increase of view counts on my page, I didn't like it. Mostly because I didn't know who was reading my blog. I'm okay with one or two stray readers, but not a ton more. I told Russ this and explained that I didn't like knowing that there are people who find my blog now and are able to go back all the way to 2011 and see what I wrote. It's part of the reason why I made a blogger account years after making a Tumblr account. I get shy about what I've written in the past. It's basically a diary. So if I met you in the later part of my life, you get my blogger account URL without all the cheesy stuff I reblogged in my college days, when I used my Tumblr account primarily. Does this make sense? I'm rambling.

I blog in stages. Sometimes I feel like I outgrow an old blog so I start a new one. When I write in my personal journal, I get to end that diary when I write on the last page then I get to start a new one. I love the process of going into a shop, browsing different journals, picking the right one, and knowing that I get to use that journal for the next few months or even years. With the internet, I don't get to do that. I just get to write and write and write until one day I realize that I never got to end a chapter. It has pros and cons. Even with my personal journals, I hate going back and reading what I wrote years ago. I cringe. But I love the process of writing. I'll never stop loving that.

ANYWAYS, Russ made me a website where I feel comfortable sharing home renovation stuff plus crafts I'm doing. This site I blog more freely about house stuff knowing that if people run into that site, it's purely life updates/moments I don't mind sharing with strangers. And I get to be more artsy on it. It's a nice new grown up space. So if you're interested, check it out. Now I'm all shy. It was such a built up. Whatever. Here's the URL: TheHenryHome.com

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