Sunday, February 7, 2016

February Ramblings and Some Random Goals

Happy February, everybody! I know it's technically a week into the month already, but I haven't properly blogged in awhile.

Don't really know what to update, or what I feel like updating. I am, however, so glad that it's February. This means that Russ has managed to successfully - and independently - work from home. I haven't blogged about this yet, not sure if it's news that I necessarily want on the internets, but Russ and I were sort of plunged into a sharp career change. Sharp change because it happened so suddenly and all at once. The holidays were insane. But now I think we're getting a better handle on things. And things are starting to look up.

January consisted of a lot of networking. To have a successful company, or to even be a successful freelancer, you need a lot of contacts. This is not my strong suit. Thankfully, it's Russell's. He's been to loads of networking events, talking about our small startup and making connections with lots of people. It takes awhile for gigs to come in, but they're coming in. Hallelujah! It's manna from heaven.

Sometimes I'm stressed. Sometimes I'm happy. Many times Russ and I are both so excited. Many times I forget that I am excited and am back to being stressed. On these days, I moan to Russell about how unhappy I am and he sits and let's me feel those feelings, then he picks me back up and I am happy again. Honestly, it's so exhausting. Let's just say that I am thankful for 1) a strong, encouraging husband and 2) community group on Tuesdays. I'm humbled knowing that I am far from perfect yet I am loved just the same.

I'm talking writing rambling too much.

Here are my goals this month:

  • Make almond milk tomorrow morning. Got my almonds soaking in the fridge and am so excited to finally be making my own almond milk. I'll try to take pictures. Because I am that excited. (!!)
  • Sew more! I love it.
  • Write. Ugh
  • Get back on my devotion plan. Russell has been able to correlate the days I haven't done my devotions to the days when I am cranky. Ha.
  • Make more efforts to have a zero-waste home. I'm nowhere near to this but I have sewn us some reusable dinner napkins. One day, I hope to sew unpaper towels. I even got the snaps for them.
  • Declutter. Do you like getting rid of stuff? Because I do. I love going through cabinets and closets and getting rid of things. This week, my goal is to go through the kitchen cabinets and get rid of kitchen things I do not use. I'm eyeing you, you no good "nonstick" frying pan.
    Side note: Unfortunately, husband won't let me declutter his DVD collection on my own. Apparently that's one cleaning venture he wants to do together. 
Okay, okay, I need to end this blog post now because it hasn't gone anywhere and has simultaneously gone in 10 different directions.

Wishing you all a good February!

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