Thursday, December 3, 2015

Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving

It's been a little, I don't know—different in the Henry household. We got a bit of news before Thanksgiving that wasn't the best. Nope. It was upsetting news, the kind you don't want right before the holidays. Yet, somehow, getting bad news right before Thanksgiving is the best time to get it. Because the day after, you're forced to face everything that you're thankful for. I hate being vague, but there's just some things I don't want to blog. Anyways, most of you know. Let's just put it this way: we are thankful that we both are in good health, that we have a roof above our heads, and that we serve a great God who always provides.

The day before Thanksgiving, we received news that set us back a step. But on that same day, we climbed into a Ford Expedition with both of Russell's brothers, their wife/fiance, two dogs, then drove to Oroville. How can I be mad about that day when it was also shared with so much sunshine and happiness? It was still a great day nonetheless because it was a day filled with love.

It took us 11 hours to get to Oroville, compared to our usual 8 hours. However, since there were 6 adults in the car, driving wasn't tiring. The dogs are best friends and would often cuddle together.

Thanksgiving day was a reminder of all things good. It was held on the same ranch we got married at. What a wonderful reminder—there's no bad news when you have a good marriage grounded on some sturdy foundation. We ate some good food with family, at a location that held so many memories.

Sunset on Thanksgiving day
These dogs taught Lewis how to beg. This was taken while I held a piece of banana for breakfast.
The day after Thanksgiving, Russell, his brothers, and one of his cousins played a board game. We also had a lot of wine curtesy of his aunt, the wine-maker. 

Russell and his brother being silly. This was at a small mandarin stand next to his grandparents' ranch.

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