Sunday, March 29, 2015

Russell's Birthday Weekend

We celebrated Russell's birthday this past weekend. The night before Russell's birthday, I politely asked him to please not turn 26. Twenty-six is just so old, I said. The next morning, Russell woke up, looked at me, put his fists in the air and said, I did it! I morphed into 26 overnight! And he looked so happily smug even though I was distraught by the fact that my husband can now be considered to be in the "late twenties."

On Friday, I was able to convince Russell to work from my parents' home for the latter half of the day since it was his birthday. We had Korean Bbq with his brothers and friends per his request then played boardgames (Munchkin) where we proceeded to dominate and win the game. On Saturday, Russell and I got couples massages and wished we were rich enough to receive massages every week. I knew Russell enjoyed the massage when he started snoring halfway through it. Saturday night, we took my family out to dinner then went to look at the condo we are hoping to buy.

It has been a busy but fun weekend. I'm pooped from all the activities. The dog has barely moved this Sunday since he, too, is recuperating. And Russell is happily 26. 

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