Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Russell is getting better each day. We've already been to two doctor appointments since he's been out from the hospital and so far there hasn't been anything negative (Praise God!). His cardiologist reaffirmed that he's in the recovery stage and that it'll take some time for complete recovery. Overall, he's doing great.

If Russ is feeling better, we might go up to San Francisco for July 4th weekend. We're really excited about this but I'm trying not to be in case we can't make it up. Either way, we'll have a fun July 4th even if we stay in Orange County. If we stay down here, we'll probably buy some sparklers for fun. :)

In other news, it turned summer last week! The days are getting longer and the afternoons are becoming warmer. This past weekend, as a way to celebrate, we painted our dining room chairs blue and yellow:
Just in time for summer
How fun do they look? I told Russell I want to repaint the chairs for every season change but sadly I don't think that's happening. I like these colors a lot though. I love our Henry home!

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