Sunday, July 12, 2015

Virtual Home Tour (Before and After)

Behold, before and after pictures of our home. We are still in process of making our home pretty (honestly, it might be a never ending process) but here's what we have so far.

Our first day of when we received our keys:
Beyond happy. Our place was a short sale so...basically, it took a long time.
Pictures of our condo on our first day (aka "before" pictures). As you can see, almost all the walls were this tannish-brown color that Russ and I couldn't stand. Sorry in advance for the blur, I didn't bother to take lots of before pictures because all I wanted to do was fix it.

We brought those palm trees in. We wanted our neighbors to know that someone was finally moving in



Can't tell here, but kitchen had peach walls :(




I just realized that I didn't take any pictures of the bathrooms. Bummer. Oh well, just know that one was a peach color and the other was--you guessed it--poop brown.

As for our After Pics, see below!

We spent about the first 2 weeks just painting. I was lucky enough to get help from my friend, Stephanie (hey, Steph!) which helped keep me sane. I think I slept and woke up with back pains and paint on my feet those 2 weeks. At first, Russ and I were ambitious; near the end we just wanted it done.

I will try to organize these "after" pictures the best I can.


We wanted a clean, white look all throughout the house. For the living room, we painted one wall an accent color which is this pale gray that sometimes looks white in the day and sometimes looks like blue in the night. We love it.

Slowly bringing in home decor
Then, we bought a couch!

Our mom-in-law is in town for a few weeks and she helped us with the curtains and a few other things. LOVING our curtains. This is the first time Russ and I have had curtains since the 2 years we've been married.

Then, we bought another blue chair!

And this is how our living room currently looks like:

It's so beautiful. I love it. Honestly, the living room is the room that is getting the most loving right now because we have had plenty of guests, and that's the place we entertain in the most. Come to think of it, I shouldn't have started my big home reveal with the living room but oh well. Just know that our other rooms are still a work in progress :)


Okay, this is the only dining room picture I have right now. In the future, I'll post updated room pictures. As of right now, my mom-in-law added extra trim to the curtains and they are beautiful. Take my word on it. Also, don't you love that hanging plant Russ hung up? Ahhh, I am so happy with how this little room is coming together.

More pics to come in the future. We still need to add more curtain rods, hang up other curtains, blah blah blah.


We painted the walls all white but still wanted a pop of color. So we decided to...

Add stripes to 2 of the walls! It was easier than we expected. We picked a greenish color for the walls and it came out so nice.

Office Space
The guest room is also going to be our office. We haven't been able to do too much in that room yet but we have set up our little table.


Here's the little bit of decoration we have in the hallway. We are planning on buying lots more plants to fill up the house.

No pics on this room yet because quite frankly, we have the walls all painted but it's still a little boring. We have our bed and bookshelves set up but we are still gathering ideas on how to add a bit of pizzazz. So, updated pics of this room in the future.

I'll save these updates for another post because I realized how ridiculously long this post is getting. Also, this gives me time to take more/better pics of said rooms.

Until next time!

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