Sunday, July 20, 2014

Georgia Trip | June 2014

Since I've been so behind on blogging and since there are lots of things I want to remember years from now, I will be going back a bit and blogging about not-so-recent-but-still-worthy memories.


In June, Russell and I took a trip to Georgia to see his best friend get married to a wonderful woman. It was our first time in the South and what they say about Southern hospitality is definitely true. Lots of good (fried) food and some very sweet tea. Another thing I also noticed was the way they talked. I'm not just talking about accents or the way they say "y'all". The way they talked was almost lyrical. Maybe it's because of the Southern drawl but it kind of sounded melodic when they spoke.

Anyways, Georgia was warm (literally), welcoming, and beautiful. Everything was green:

So. Many. Trees. 
Trees everywhere

The scenery everywhere was pretty. Even prettier was the wedding venue that took place outside a barn, on a nice green field. I'm a sucker for outdoor weddings. And of course, the bride was prettiest out of everything there. Seriously, look:
J & E
How sweet is this? I was tearing up during their vows because I love words and theirs were so beautiful. It's was honestly very exciting to see this marriage begin and to see where this marriage will go. I LOVE THAT THEY'RE MARRIED. There's only great things ahead...makes Russ and I want to visit Jordan again... ;)

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