Monday, September 24, 2012

Engagement Story #3: The Day After

The morning after I got engaged, I woke up super early because I couldn't sleep. I began the morning staring at my ring finger and waiting for my mom to wake up. Once she did, we had a great heart-to-heart talk in the garage which I wrote about in my engagement story #1.

After that, one of my best friends, Jessica, called me to talk to me about something. I quickly blurted out that Russell asked me to marry him the night before and a lot of happiness and screaming ensued. Within minutes she appeared in front of my house wanting to hear my engagement story in person. (I even got a text from her younger sister telling me congratulations and that she overheard the news from her sister who was being really loud and shrieking inside their house--haha).

Jess and I then drove over to iHop where I rehashed all the details from the night before. When we received our pancakes, Jessica began praying for our food. After we finished praying, the lady in the booth next to us turned around and said, "You guys are so cute." She was also a christian and told me that on the morning after she got engaged, she and her fiance (husband now) had breakfast at iHop too. She told me congratulations then continued having breakfast with her four-year old son. This basically summarized my morning after being engaged--just random and sincere encouragement and love from people (strangers, family, and friends) around me.

My other best friend, Bernadette, also drove up to Irvine to celebrate that morning with me and Jess. I had woken her up with a phone call asking her to get breakfast with me and Jess and although she had just woken up, she still made it. She even wrote a brief and kind blog post about me getting engaged here.

The three of us ended up on my bed in my room. Jess pointed out that it's just like when we were 16, just chilling in my bedroom only now we're all grown up and doing grown up things. I was surrounded by the people I needed then and the people who have watched me grow as a person and been wonderful sisters-in-Christ. I remember the overwhelming feeling I had then and still do now whenever I hang out with them. I told them that morning that they're both my maid-of-honors [some things I had known since I wanted to get married was that a) I can't have only one maid-of-honor and b) I knew I was going to pick these two].

It's funny how the three of us all started from the same church but as the years passed by, God has called us to different churches/different ministries. It is truly a blessing watching these ladies grow into women and do God's work.

Ok, so this isn't so much as an engagement story as it is talking about my best friends. But these girls are great and deserved a good long post on my blog.

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