Saturday, October 1, 2011

Detective Fiction

I'm reading the Sherlock Holmes mysteries right now. My detective fiction class has gotten me into mystery again. Did you know it was the Nancy Drew series that got me into reading? For the longest time I wanted to be a detective. And then I read a ton more of other books and wanted to be/do a million other things (ride horses, be a wizard, go to wayside school, have a pet fish, swim with dolphins, discover a stream with magical capabilities, dig holes, etc.) that I realized the reason these stories fascinated me so much was because they came from the imagination. It was then that I realized how powerful books can be and how words are so beautiful and creative. Then I realized I wanted to write because all these stories were given birth to by ordinary yet amazing authors. People who picked up books when they were little, who sat at libraries and bookstores reading and imagining...until one day they picked up a pen and became as amazing as the people who wrote the stories they had read and been inspired by.

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